Devoxx.US 2017 –!

@TheDonRaab, @NikhilNanivade and I will present our talk next week at Devoxx.US 2017.As a Java Developer, I always need collections for my code: Lists, Sets and Maps are surely my most used Java interfaces. But there’s much more to Collections in Java than these the Java Collection Framework.

We well present and compare different popular and open source Collection frameworks with real performance tests and use cases (mine are related to network design and analysis). We’ll cover available functionalities, easiness of code, API style and performance considerations that will help you choose the best API for your next project.

I don’t want to spoil much of our presentation yet, so here’s a snippet: a mind map to help navigate all the goodness in one of our compared frameworks, Eclipse Collections.


(it looks daunting, I know!)

See you there in room LL 20 B, Wednesday March 22nd from 11:20 AM to 12:10 PM


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